www.aspimeetz.com has become www.vbmeets.com (Varsity Bound Meets)

We have changed the url and user interface to be more modern and mobile friendly, but nothing else has changed. Same functionality and same people. We hope you enjoy the new look.
Upload Track & Field Results
Uploading Results is very simple. There is no cost to upload your results and anyone can see them by going to our home page http://www.vbmeets.com and going to our search meets section. Below are the instructions for uploading your meet results to our web site:

1. Within Hy-Tek you must select File/Export/Semi-colon Delimited Results

2. After selecting that, Hy-Tek will prompt for the results you would like to export (review this screen but most likely you will not need to change anything).

3. Hy-Tek will then prompt to save the export file. You can choose the directory that you want to save the file to but you cannot change the file name. After Hy-Tek saves the file it will tell you the file name (it will be something like reslt001.csv where 001 could be another number). It is important that you remember the location and name of the file when uploading to our system.

4. Once the file has been saved you must upload that file in the form below.

5. If you want you can upload the file through out the meet and our system will automatically overwrite the prior results you uploaded.

Upload File